2001 JCPSG home page
2001 JCPSG home page


JCPSG (Joint Costing and Pricing Steering Group),
Higher Education Funding Council for England

During an eight-year period ending in summer 2005, the JCPSG provided information and training to higher education institutions across the UK on how to apply best practice in the costing and pricing of the institutions' activities. This period culminated in the publication of the Consolidated TRAC, an extensive manual on transparent approaches to costing in the HE sector.

We managed an initial redesign and reconstruction of the JCPSG website in 2000 while working with arehaus Ltd. As Platform3 we continued to provide support and maintenance to JCPSG / HEFCE. In the summer of 2005 we designed and built the online version of the 100 plus page Consolidated TRAC manual and rebuilt the rest of the JCPSG site using tableless layout based on css. This has increased the speed of the site as well as improving it's accessibility. We have also rebuilt the manin JCPSG site using W3C Standards to future-proof the site which, as part of the JCPSGs cessation will be archived as a permenant resource for the HE sector.

Remarkably, this 14 year old site is still live though the guidance it contains is superceeded and held on a new site.



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