Architecture Week

2007 Architecture Week home page


A joint ACE / RIBA initiative, Architecture Week is the annual national celebration of contemporary architecture.  Platform3 in conjuction with pkmb designed and built the site for Archictecture Week from 2004 - 2009. Each year we gave the site a new look and feel and extended the functionality of their intranet, extranet and public site.


  • new interface design each year
  • database driven website with a full content management system
  • advanced search facility allowing website visitors to create a personalised itinerary of events or email noteworthy events to a friend
  • an extranet for regional partners and event organisers
  • sign up to a regionally focused newsletter
  • facility to submit images using mobile phone
  • podwalks
  • event guides
  • printable tours & maps
  • targeted information for specific audiences in sections with own feel (children; education)
  • facility to browse by region

For its size and nature it is a well trafficked site; stats for June 2006:

  • 1.25 million page views
  • 197,000 visits
  • 18,000 visitors visiting more than once
  • just under a gig of bandwidth consumed.


Firstly a really big thankyou for all your work on the website. We are really delighted with all the new elements - especially things like the podwalks and the Happy Places competition. All a great success!

Claire Pollock, Arts Council England